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Donation made to the Arbor Day Foundation with each casket purchase

Honored Traditions is pleased to offer beautiful, Amish made urns that match our premium wooden caskets. All our handcrafted urns can be made from the following woods: barn wood, cedar, pecan, walnut, maple, cherry, pine, poplar, oak, and the beautiful combination of eight woods.

Octagonal Urns: Length - 9 1/8", Width - 6 1/4", Height - 5 3/4"

Mixed Wood Amish Made Urn

Large Octagonal Urns: Length - 11" Width - 8" Height - 6"

Handcrafted Octagonal Wooden Urns Amish Handmade Urns

Rectangular Urns: Length - 8" Width - 8" Height - 6"

Handcrafted Rectangular Wooden Urns Amish Handmade Wooden Urns

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